Mr. Delicious Miss. Match (2024)


Ruan Tang is a super foodie with special skills. Not only can she crack the secret recipe of any food; she can also use her nose to determine the food within a radius of ten miles. She wants to become a food editor, but her father wants her to take over his restaurant. Wang Moyu, a talented and black-bellied male chef comes to study cooking from Ruan Tang’s father. After seeing Moyu’s love for food, her father decides to teach him all that he knows. Ruan Tang and Moyu butt heads as Eastern and Western food culture collides creating sparks between the two.

Director: Chen Chang

Also known as: Mr. and Miss Match Delicious Mr. Miss Match Delicious Miss Match and Mister Delicious Miss Match's Mister Delicious Huo Hua Xiao Jie He Mei Wei Xian Sheng


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

Genres: , , ,

Starring: , , , , ,

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